COVID-19 Got You Stuck Inside With The Kids?

Don't worry, I got you covered!

Are you currently scratching your head on what to do with the kids?

Or you could be hiding in the bathroom, tears rolling down your face just to eat the last lone Debbie cake in silence...which is perfectly normal by the way.

This blog is for all parents and full of awesome ideas on how to survive this time while having fun and learning at the same time!

Start a 365 Challenge...Coronavirus Style

While a 365 challenge normally involves an entire year, it can totally be done just during quarantine.

I personally recommend doing this to document your day to day life with the chaos of being stuck inside with your children. These are moments, memories and stories to be told just waiting to happen and it gives you something to do to pass the time during these next few months.

To start a 365 challenge all you need is a camera and some creativity.

You don't even need an actual digital camera to do this and a cellphone will work just as fine, however if you do have a digital camera then this you the perfect excuse to finally learn more into shooting in manual!

For those who have old film and film camera sitting around...get that dust of it and start documenting these moments too. Film has always been a staple to most well known photographers whom do photojournalism plus it gives that extra personal aesthetic the world loves.

Take at least one image a day!

Try to pick a moment that has not been documented before from day to day but also don't force it.

Capture your children doing their normal things instead of posing your children, giving them direction is fine but in order to make it truly show the emotion you will need to make it completely candid and in the moment.

Don't worry about the room being messy, kids being perfect, floors being vacuumed, or even kids wearing pants because lets be honest no pants are the best pants right!

Show the raw and reality of your life.

On this blog I have many different activities and all of them can be something to document.

Post your image to your page each day with how your day went if you want, allowing others to live through your words and images. Try to include in the weird and quirky too as we all know nobody is having a perfect life right if you gave in and let the kids eat cake for breakfast then be it! As a parent you pick your battles and sometimes cake isn't a battle you feel like fighting lol.

At the end of these next few months you can make a photobook of your images and adventures during quarantine to show the kids when they get older. For books I highly recommend mpix vs Shutterfly and Walmart as the price is still reasonable but the quality and customer service is outstanding! We love them!

And for editing your images taken with a digital camera, Adobe is currently doing an extended free trial on Lightroom which is so easy to learn! You can find some awesome free presets online for download to play around with too!

Activities you can do with the kids

Cardboard Fort

Take all those old Amazon boxes you have laying around and build an awesome fort! Or give the kids some time to show their creative side by using a large box and giving them crayons, markers, even paint and stickers. They can lay inside the box and doodle the floor and walls of the box to make a one of kind masterpiece.


Got some old canvases, fabric, Furniture you planned of throwing away, or even pieces of cardboard? Give the kids some paint and let them go at it! You can explore with different textures by having them use different brushes such as fingers, paint brushes, q-tips, hair brushes, cotton balls, sponges and even using toys to stamp such as dinosaur foot prints.

For an awesome masterpiece with the younger ones you can take the canvas and use tape to mark off geometric lines before painting...once the paint dries, remove the tape and viola! Abstract art for days! Who knows you may have the next Picasso right there in your Livingroom.

Experiment painting in different ways such as having a paint war in the backyard with the kids or even taking that old twister board and playing paint twister! I promise you they will love it and so will you.

Get Messy

Yep you read that right! But seriously when was the last time you just played in mud? Not only is it good for the skin but it is good for the soul and I recommend having a good old fashioned mud war right there in the backyard any day!

You can also make cupcakes and let the kids help out, after all you have plenty of time to clean the kitchen up and think of the laughs you can share.

Tie Dye

This one requires someone to go to the store if possible but it is very worth it! Just get a few plain t shirts and a bucket of different colors, Walmart usually has the full set for $20 which includes everything!

Don't have anyone who can run to the store?

That's fine too, adults and older children outdoors while wearing gloves can experiment with an old black or color shirt, hoodie, blanket, even jeans! All you need is a little bleach water.

Take the moment to break the rules!

Eat ice cream for dinner, Jump on the beds, Make a mess, Dance and dance a lot, Don't use your inside voice...remember your making memories.

Declare War!

Use cushions and couches to make your barracks and separate into teams. Take that massive stuffed animal collection your kids have for no reason and actually use them! Basically it is like dodgeball war but with stuffed animals.. try not to get hit three times to stay in the game and loser has to make dinner or clean the dishes that night.

You can also have a war many other ways such a shaving cream fight in the backyard, paint war which I mentioned earlier, or you can break out the water guns on warmer days outside.

For extra fun try this at nighttime with each player having one flashlight to use and make it a hide and seek war with the stuffed animals through the house!

Camp Out

Camp out in the backyard on clear nights with tents, hammocks, or even just blankets on the ground if weather permits. You can make a small fire for roasting hot dogs and smores and tell scary campfire stories because scaring your kids with a flashlight under your chin is a parents favorite pastime anyway.

Don't forget to lay out and stargaze if it is clear enough because we all are mesmerized by space.

If you cant camp out outdoors then camp out inside!

Put the kids tent up in the living room, make a pillow fort to sleep in or you can go all out with old sheets to make a large scale tent.

Teach your Kids all about Nature

Fun fact: all living things have feelings and are all connected to us through an energy. Take your shoes off and stand in some grass taking deep breaths to boost your endorphins and feel happier, talk kindly to plants and trees to watch them grow super strong and big. Nature is so awesome and it is never too late to start teaching our children how cool it is.

Write a Letter

Seriously, have your kids ever written a letter because I know my son hasn't. lol

Use the time spent away from loved ones to write letters to them, I know grandmothers and grandfathers would absolutely love it and it will definitely make there day. Include in your letters the kids drawings and photos if you can to make their smile extra big during this scary time.

Play Hallway Soccer or Balloon Tennis

Just remember to take the photos off the wall and remove anything breakable. This gives kids the option to be destructible while also in a safe environment and helping them to use their fine motor skills.

Popsicle Bath

Let the kiddos eat a popsicle in the bathtub because popsicles are awesome and it give your child the chance to make a mess without having worry. Instant clean up so it is a win win in my book.

Put that Toilet Paper to Use!

On a serious most likely aren't going to use all that toilet paper your hoarding during this outbreak so put it to use. Let the kids make towers out of all the rolls and see who can build one faster...just don't waste the toilet paper because it is like gold these days lol.

Start an Indoor Herb Garden or Terrarium

You can start a herb garden by using eggshells as planters or a terrarium out of mason jars. Check out Food52 for a terrarium tutorial.

Make Pasta Jewelry

Paint it, Thread it, and then Wear it!

Other Activities to do!

Watch the beluga whales at the Georgia Aquarium

There’s a beluga whale webcam set up at the Georgia Aquarium, so you can see what your whale friends are up to at anytime.

Watch the Cincinnati Zoo livestream

The Cincinnati Zoo will be live-streaming animals on their Facebook page daily at 3PM

Take a virtual field trip to Yellowstone National Park

Virtually visit the Mud Volcano, Mammoth Hot Springs, and so much more with a digital field trip to Yellowstone.

Take a virtual field trip of the Boston Children’s Museum

Visit the Boston Children’s Museum without even leaving your living room.

Listen to an astronaut read from space

Storytime From Space is unlike any other kind of storytime; NASA astronauts read stories to kids while they float around in space.

Take a virtual tour of a farm

Learn about what it takes to run a farm, meet farm animals, and more by taking a virtual farm tour on Farm 360.

Watch the Monterrey Bay Aquarium sea otter cam

Monterrey Bay Aquariam has a sea otter cam that allows you to watch what the sea otters are doing at any given time of day!

Explore Africa with African wildlife cam

Learn more about the wildlife of Africa by checking out this African wildlife cam situated by a busy watering hole.

FaceTime a princess

Live from the castle, your child’s favorite princesses are available via FaceTime or Skype! You can decide what to chat about during the 15-minute call; princesses can even read your little one a goodnight story.

Just Remember

You are not in this alone and please keep your health and mental health in check during this time.

It is so ok to enjoy a glass of wine in the bathtub, hide the last of the twinkies so you have a midnight snack, sit the kids in front of the tv for a little while so you can have some peace of mind, and its ok to admit your not ok!

Please reach out to another mom or good friend during this time if you need someone to talk to and keep your head up. We all hope this over with soon and we can only beat this outbreak through kindness, understanding, and unity.

We are all in this together and all here for you!