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Off Call Birth

An off call birth is required for all births outside of a 15 mile radius of my hometown with the exception of scheduled inductions and cesareans.
Below I have off call births explained.


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What is an off call birth?

As we all know, things happen. Some moms labor really fast and between that, the traffic, unforeseen problems, etc. we offer all our births as off call births only. This protects you! We only require a portion of the amount before birth and remaining to be paid at time of birth. I will head your way as soon as I receive the phone call and if I arrive in time for the birth then the remaining balance will need to be paid either all at once or in a payment plan. If on the off chance I do not make it in time for the birth, fingers crossed it never happens, then no further payment is due and you will receive a complimentary fresh 48 session.

Do I have to do a consult?

I require all birth clients to hold a consult. We can sit down over a cup of hot tea or pizza, or we can send our paperwork to you via email. The paperwork we have is vital and will tell us more about you and how exactly you would like your story to be told.

What about privacy?

We are all about keeping your privacy protected! One of the forms I go over during consult is a model and image release form. This form not only gives me permission to capture these moments but also gives you full control on what and where your images can be shared. Another form I go over during consult is a birth questionnaire which will also give a checklist of certain images you may want that are your more uncommon requests such as crowning images, any latching images or nudity. Any nude images will not be posted at any time nor anywhere by us! Even though you may sign permission to share your story, you will receive your sneak peeks before anything is posted. You deserve to see the images before the world and this ensures if there are any images you do not want posted, no reason necessary, that I know not to include them in your post.

Why would I want a birth story?

Ask a mother or think of your last birth, do you remember the little moments?
The way you looked during each contraction like a warrior goddess?
The look in your partners eyes as they watched you and saw the strongest person in the world?
The first time you saw your baby?
Or what about the first time your partner saw their child?
How everyone ran to surround the little one and your mom cried even though she said she wouldn't?
The tiny toes and wrinkly nose?

Birth is such a rush and these moments are the ones you want to remember but between the pain, nervousness, and medicine most moms cannot recall much of anything about the birth of their child. With a birth story you will forever have those moments frozen in time.

Why is birth photography so expensive?

This is a one time moment.

Think about a wedding except they don't know what month much less a date. They also only can tell you the wedding will be sometime between 12am and 12pm on this unknown date. Oh and the wedding can be 2 hours or last 78 hours.

That's crazy right!
Christmas morning, Santa will have to be a little late because a mom is in labor.
my child's birthday, I hope dad doesn't give you too much cake because a moms water just broke.

But the craziest thing is....I love every minute of it!
I know it is more of a luxury in the photography world and so we offer payment plans and would love to discuss a plan that works best for you! Everyone's birth deserves to be told!