Hey lovely souls!

2020 is starting out to be a roller-coaster and with so much changing daily we wanted to take a moment to address concern of our clients and announce our plan of action.

As small business owners we are very concerned with the COVID-19 outbreak and its global impact. Many places of business are closing their doors, schools are closed, and facebook is filled with panic.

We want to choose compassion over fear and preparation over worry.

Will our business suffer this year? probably. Will we still be ok? Yes and we want you to be ok as well!

While our main goal is to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we also will be more flexible, understanding, and easy-to-work-with during all this chaos. Our client's health and wellbeing is our top priority.

The goal of this letter is to help ease your mind as we move forward through this outbreak.

Our Plan

  • We will be even more flexible with you on any cancelations and/or rescheduling. You have a million things going through your mind and we would like be one less thing you have to worry about right now.
  • We will wash our hands very thoroughly before each and every session and wedding.
  • We will keep our distance from you and guests unless there is specific shot that requires us to be closer.
  • We will use longer lenses to ensure a safe distance for your comfort.
  • We will not touch you, no offense Uncle Bob, but to ensure everyone is as comfortable as possible we will not hug or shake your hand....we will however awkwardly wave like Forest Gump if wanted. haha.
  • We can give you the option to meet for consultations at an outdoor location, your home, or we can facetime each other so none of us have to even take of our cozy pajamas to hold your consult.
  • We will be very honest and upfront about our own health and if we have been near anyone who has COVID-19

What you can do to help.

  • Don't Panic!
  • Wash your hands... alot
  • Be honest with others about your health and be honest with yourself! if you are not feeling well....don't try to be a superhero, don't pretend to yourself that you feel fine. Stay home and catch up on some Netflix shows.
  • If you are getting married and have insurance, call to make sure your insurance covers anything impacted by the coronavirus! Insurance companies can be sneaky about these types of things and I got your back in advance.
  • If you are getting married and are concerned what this all means for your big day, call everyone! Call the venue, call the caterer, call the DJ. It is much better to already have a plan and know the policy change on all vendors who will be working your wedding. Communication is extremely important and you should communicate as much as possible with your vendors. The last thing we want is a last minute cancellation. Most businesses will be hit pretty badly as is by this outbreak and we need to have time to prepare for slower cash-flow. We will help as much as we can but you can help us out by being upfront and candid about everything.
  • If you are getting married please include in ways you and your guests can help. Post on your wedding site tips for guests, make sure to announce that any guest who is not feeling well should stay at home, include in cute bottles of sanitizer as a wedding gift.
  • If you are concerned with having some people attend your wedding, have someone live stream it so they can see the ceremony as it is happening. We promise we wont tell them to put away the cellphones and we will do our best to stay out of their way as well.
  • Be open to the idea of a smaller wedding.
  • Be understanding. We are all in this together and kindness can go a very long way.

Wedding rescheduling and cancellation.

If you are wanting to reschedule your big day due to this outbreak, we completely understand!

We would be more than happy to hold your deposit to put towards your future date chosen. You will take top priority on the date.

If you choose to cancel the wedding and would like to get eloped, we would be more than happy to capture those memories.

If you so choose to cancel the wedding as a whole or would like to choose another photographer, please let us know and we will sit down to work out a full refund for you.

If the reason you would like to reschedule is due to a certain person not being able to attend such as a grandparent, we are more than happy to schedule a time before or after the wedding to have them see you in your gown or suit and get images of you together if that is something you would like.

What if we are sick?

Please know we are taking this outbreak very seriously and are taking all precautions possible to keep our health in check. If we were to start feeling unwell or came in contact with COVID-19 then we will contact you immediately!

We will be more than happy to discuss how you would like to proceed.

IF you would like for us to still attend and photograph the wedding, we will wear protective gloves and masks at all times as well as keep a very safe distance.

IF you do not feel comfortable with having us attend, I promise we fully understand. We will be more than happy to help locate an amazing photographer in our place. We will still be editing all images to ensure you receive the same signature edit and style we have.

General Photoshoots

We are planning to continue as usual until further notice and would be more than happy to proceed with your scheduled photoshoot.

If you are feeling ill, are uncomfortable, or have been in contact with COVID-19 we ask for you to be upfront with us as soon as possible and we will reschedule your session for a later date.